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Bonifacio Windsurf Festival Resumed

Bonifacio Windsurf Freestyle Project is dead. Long live Bonifacio Windsurf Festival !!!

In 2015, it’s another step for the corsican windsurf community after the infamous and self called « ghetto like » « freestyle project ».


Two parts for this event. Freestyle with the WindMeet Freestyle Tour and slalom/speed with the Speed Challenge.


For the first act, the WindMeet Freestyle Tour, the 7 riders that took part in the event weren’t so lucky with the wind as the gusts never really came stronger than a soft and mellow 15 knots and was pretty often barely hitting 10 knots.



So once more, the battle that took place was a Tow In Battle and a SUP battle.

Victor 1st time in Tow-in

Even though the wind was too light to do a proper windsurf contest, the action was stil amazing, with some crazy no handed burner from the young new caledonian rider Antoine Albert, winning with this tricks the tow in contest in front of Julien Mas with a sick burner 360°. Gregory Geliot completes this podium with a massive Air Funnel fifty centimeters close from the pier full of spectators… Gnarly action did you say ?


It was also a very good live test for our brand new Live Scoring System wich appears to be more than efficient and fully operationnal, even in the far outlanded parts of the southern corsica.

tow-in result bonifacio windsurf festival 2015

Despite the lack of action, the good vibes were permanently part of the game : BBQ, parties, superbs landscapes and the permanent sounds of smiles and laugh…


Thank you Corsica once again and we will be back that for sure, meanwhile the next tour stop for the WindMeet Freestyle Tour will be held in Marseille ina month for the Sosh Frestyle Cup.



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Laterzz folks



So Rad Le Mag for the WindMeet Freestyle Tour


Julien MasBonifacio Windsurf Festival Resumed