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Interview with Amado Vrieswijk

    WindmeetFreestyleTour_Icon Hi Amado, Nice to hear that you will take part in the WindMeet Freestyle Tour that will be held at the Sosh Freestyle Cup, an international extrem sports competition and music festival. How do you feel about it ?

TRC_3078I’m always up for something new and challenging so I’m very curious what the Sosh Freestyle Cup will bring. I already read about it and expect some sick action.

   WindmeetFreestyleTour_Icon It will be happening in Marseille, did you hear about this place and about the spots that are surrounding the city ?

TRC_3078I’ve been to Marseille once before in 2010, when travelling to the IFCA Worldcup Slalom in Hyeres and last year in Six Four Plages. I think the south coast of France is really nice .

    WindmeetFreestyleTour_Icon Do you know about our brand new Live Scoring System ? What do you think about this concept ? Are you thinking about doing more WindMeet Freestyle Tour events ?

TRC_3078 I think the Live Scoring Systhem is great, especially for the audience.

Just heart about the event  near Grenoble at the end of this month as it could fit in our Tour, so I think… if Maxime agrees we will be there before heading to Lake Garda at the end of June.  

    WindmeetFreestyleTour_Icon A word about the french freestylers ? Who would you fear the most in a heat ?

TRC_3078 All the French riders are good sailors, I’m not fearing anybody ;). They’re all good and funny guys.

   WindmeetFreestyleTour_Icon We heard about your summer road trip all around Europe, can you tell us a bit more about this special European tour.

TRC_3078 Yess Maxime and I wanted to do something different this year. Instead of flying from Bonaire to all the events several times, we want to explore all exciting windsurf place in Europe and participate in as much events as possible. We are travelling around in a mobilehome were already on Texel,Netherland and in Costa Brava at the PWA Slalom. Now we’re here and next up is possible Grenoble, Lake Garda, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Croatia, Turkey, Sylt, Brouwersdam, Six Four Plages and last but not least New Caledonia. We are both looking forward to aal the adventures we will have and the action in the different events. Up till now we are enjoying every minute.


   WindmeetFreestyleTour_Icon Last but not least, do you know the french baguette and croissant ? A lill’ word about the french wine maybee ? “

TRC_3078 I love the French Baguettes with jambon and au chocolat !!

Sorry I don’t drink wine so no opinion about that .

Interview de Amado Vrieswijk par Colin Hemet pour le WindMeet Freestyle Tour




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